With the advent of science, the variety of antibiotics has increased a lot for curing different types of ailments. Contrary to earlier days, antibiotic pills are now available which makes it convenient for use.
People have become so used to taking antibiotics for anything to everything ranging from flu to common cold virus, where the antibiotics do not actually kill the virus. After the flu or cold condition gets healed on its own, the antibiotic is abruptly stopped which makes the bodies of these microorganisms immune to the drug and may also kill the good bacteria that help in promoting health in the body. Misuse has also become very common which has brought super infections affecting schools, hospitals and different public arenas in the limelight. MSRA is a very commonly heard name which is not affected by the antibiotics.

All this has led to the demand for alternatives which can be used instead of antibiotics.

Alternatives that can be used instead of antibiotics

There are in fact many choices available that can be used instead of antibiotics which may not be that good in all cases. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Raw Garlic
  • Oregano Essential Oil
  • Colloidal Silver Products
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Most of these have altering degrees of effectiveness when fighting against microbes, Colloidal Silver Products are supposed to be a natural alternative used for treatments. More information regarding this antibiotic alternative should be acquired before purchasing it. After gaining an insight about this natural alternative for antibiotic drugs, one must know about a few facts regarding this New Silver Solution which is becoming quite popular in the modern days.

  • It was produced in Utah by American Biotech Labs.
  • Nutronix International is a debt free wellness and health company that does the marketing of the New Silver Solution.
  • There are multiple patents issued by the company which are at hold since the past 80 years.
  • Eight safety studies have been conducted which claims that this New Silver Solution is not toxic even if it is ingested at high doses.
  • Many independent tests have been conducted to check its authenticity as an alternative to antibiotic drugs. These tests were performed in:
  1. University of Arizona
  2. Arizona State
  3. Viridis Biopharma
  4. Nelson Laboratories
  5. The University of Georgia
  6. Kansas State University
  7. Brigham Young University
  • In these tests, each and every strain of microbes causing diseases was wiped out without any exception. None of them got resistant to the New Silver Solution.

While going through the list of alternatives, many people will be curious about the type of diseases the New Silver Solution will help with. The uses are mentioned below:

  • Insect bites
  • Food poisoning
  • Flu
  • Diaper rash or other types of rashes
  • Wounds or cuts
  • Cold sores
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Tonsillitis or sore throat

The New Silver Solution has been effective against anything if it is taken orally, inhaled or even applied topically. In spite of the great use, pharmaceutical companies can’t market it as a drug which makes it as issue for the modern medicine.