Sometimes pressure is generated inside the eyes because of glaucoma and it can cause different kind of problems like blindness, vision loss, and nerve damage. In this situation Pilagan medicine is used to treat such problem alone or with the combination of the other medicine. On the other hand, this medicine is also used in surgery and for reverse the effect of pupil enlargement. It works by shrinking the enlarge pupil and decrease the quantity of the fluid produced inside the eyes.

Wash the hand carefully before applying the medicine and does not touch the tip of the medicine with any surface except eye surface while applying. Remove your contact lens before applying the medicine and wait for at least 15 minutes for replacing the lens. Firstly put your head back side and pull down the lower lid of the eye. Drop some medicine inside the eye and close eye for a while. Apply a little pressure on the eye with the help of hand’s palm, in this way patient can prevent from draining out of medicine. Patient is advised to repeat the same process for the second side of eye. Do not rub your eyes and remove the extra solution around the eyes with the help of tissue. It is advised to replace the medicine cap after every use. Patient should use for five minutes if he or she have to apply another medicine. Apply eye drops before ointment to allow the eye drops for entering the eyes. It is important to use this medicine in a regular way if doctor has prescribed this medicine for treatment of glaucoma and eye pressure because this problem has no any special symptoms. Patient should discuss with the doctor before stopping of the medicine. Sometimes patient may suffer from some sort of side effects like temporary irritation of the eye, temporary blurred vision, poor vision in dim light, headache or brow ache. It is advised to contact with your doctor in case of any severe and worsen condition. Patient should keep in mind that doctor prescribed you this medicine because he or she known that it is better for you and also it has more benefits than side effects. There is no any serious side effect noted because of use of this medicine. This article does not contain all of the side effect that is why patient need to contact with the doctor in case of any harmful condition. In case of any serious condition, patient can contact to the doctor or poison help line. It is important to store the medicine in safe place away from the health, moisture and approach of the children. It can be use in pregnancy period with the prescription of the doctor at the time of high need. It is not confirmed that whether this medicine can pass into breast milk or not. It is better to ask from doctor if you have nursing baby because it might be dangerous for health of the newly born baby.