Diflucan is one of the examples of economics in action. Because it is aimed at a niche market, the manufacturer needs to recover the research and development costs from a smaller number of patients. This means that the cost per tablet for the branded tablet can be very high.

This makes sites like this a real bonus find. Here up to six of the pharmacies trading online make their prices available — unfortunately, not all of them stock diflucan. This gives you an instant comparison of both the price per tablet and the cost of shipping. More importantly, the generic version is also available. Now you can see some real savings. Not only is the generic a fraction of the price of the banded equivalent, but you are also allowed to buy in quantities. The larger the buy, the greater the discount on offer. Often, when you buy the maximum quantity, the pharmacy will absorb the cost of shipping.

When you decide which pharmacy offers the best deal, click on the shopping cart. On the way to the checkout, you will be asked to complete a short online questionnaire to confirm it will be safe for you to take this drug. Then just give shipping instructions and pay.

This is the easiest way by far to get the drugs you need at the keenest prices.

Diflucan is not for everyone. If you have liver disease, kidney disease, or heart disease in your family, taking Diflucan may cause adverse affects to your already poor health. Get the information that you need from your doctor. Once you are cleared to take Diflucan you should be able to find that the medication is easy to obtain with a doctor’s prescription. Get the treatment you need and want when you use Diflucan today.