The most common type of cancer among women is breast cancer. It is also the second major cause of cancer associated deaths in women who live in the United States. Breast cancer is usually diagnosed after a mammogram has been done and a lump is detected. Any inconsistency of the breast tissue may also indicate breast cancer.

Luckily, women all over the world have become increasingly aware about breast cancer and they are having regular mammograms. This allows for early detection which means that treatment can begin while the cancer is in its early stages. These days many women are surviving breast cancer and leading normal lives.

Research has revealed that breast cancer is caused by hormonal imbalances or it is genetic. Treatments for breast cancer depend on each individual. In the worst case scenario a mastectomy will have to be done. In other cases, radiation therapy may suffice.

If you have had just had breast surgery, your doctor may wish you to take a drug called Nolvadex. This powerful drug can stop the cancer from re-occurring. If you have just finished a course of radiation therapy, you are also likely to be prescribed Nolvadex to ensure that the tumor does not grow again. Often Nolvadex is given to women who might be at risk of getting breast cancer.

Nolvadex is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. The main ingredient in this drug is tamoxifen which prevents estrogen from entering the breast tissues. When estrogen is blocked in this way, cancer cells have difficulty in growing or spreading to other areas. You will have to take Nolvadex for five years to be sure that your cancer will not re-occur. If your doctor is satisfied that there is no sign of cancer after this time, your treatment can stop.

Treatment involves taking one tablet every day, so Nolvadex is hassle-free. In addition, unlike many medications, Nolvadex does not have any serious side effects that will make you feel uncomfortable.