Human beings are very delicate in terms of their personalities. No human being is perfect. Personalities and attitudes are shaped by several factors including environmental and hereditary factors. It is said that the growing fetus inside the mother’s womb starts becoming sensitive to the mother’s moods as well as the environment around the mother and accordingly reacts too. The personalities and attitudes are also shaped to a large extent in the early years through the experiences of the child with his environment. Culture too adds its own dimension to our beliefs and attitudes and shapes our mental makeup. The mental makeup of men across various countries and cultures might vary, however when it comes to some of the core issues, they are all the same. Irrespective of one’s education , social status as well as financial status, the male stereotype psyche and gender role is something that is etched out in the genes of all males. All across the world, men are sensitive to two factors, one being their sexuality and the second being their hair growth or baldness.

Those who are bald or having a receding hairline in their early ages of thirty or something, tend to get overworked with the problem. Just at the time when they are ready to look for a companion and get into a relationship, their baldness can become a major hindrance in attracting the right person. Though we all know that relationships are formed not based on the physical persona but it is the inner qualities of the person that attracts the person of the opposite sex, we still tend to give lot of importance to the physical appearance. To a large extent, it may be true that the first impression is lasting. Though not very significant, still baldness haunts men of all ages. Though women are generally said to be spending too much of time in front of the mirror, men too spend lot of time checking out their hair and grooming themselves.

Though male pattern baldness is supposed to be hereditary or genetic, the modern day lifestyle is also a major contributor to the baldness amongst many men. The pollution in the environment and the quality of water as well as food etc contribute to a large extent to the quality of hair growth in the persons. Occupational hazards and exposure to harmful affluent or chemicals can also cause hair fall and baldness. The modern day lifestyle which is fast paced and competitive, leads to anxiety and pressure leading to impairment of health, blood sugar, blood pressure which in turn lead to baldness.

The solution therefore is to live a happy, contented and healthy life. Once one has achieved a healthy work and life balance and gets on to a healthy diet as well as exercises, the normal hair fall caused due to ill health should go away. However in most cases the doctor’s prescribe Propecia as an effective drug to control male pattern baldness. Propecia is known to be effective both in the short term as well as the long term hair fall control. There are patients who have been consuming Propecia for over ten years and controlling their hair fall rate. Propecia however should be prescribed by the doctor only and after understanding the medical history of the patient. Propecia is prescribed for curing male pattern baldness in men only and is harmful to women.