Find answers to some of the questions that most of our customers have.

Q. What if I have any problems?
A. All pharmacies listed have excellent customer service. The pharmacy you select will send an email confirmation for your order and shipping confirmation. You can either use their site contact page or call their customer service department.

Q. Isn’t a physical exam needed to determine if I should receive these medications?
A. If you have had a physical exam recently and consider yourself healthy, you do not necessarily require another physical exam in order for you to obtain some of the medications we offer. Thousands of psychiatrists and general practitioners throughout the U.S. are prescribing certain medications after only reviewing the patient’s medical history, without a physical exam. The medical factors that would prohibit a physician from prescribing these medications are discoverable through a review of the patient’s medical history. There is no reason to suggest that an in-person review of this history is any more relevant than an online consultation.

Q. Is writing prescriptions and selling prescription medication on the Internet legal?
A. Yes, writing prescriptions based on a physicians review and filling those prescriptions online is legal for many types of medication. Online pharmacies came into business in 1998 when real world physicians began working with rural clients by telephone and the Internet.

Q. What types of medication can I buy?
A. We only carry medications that we can deliver at a significant cost savings to you. Currently our line of prescription medications focus on the drugs people may have trouble ordering in real life. Drugs like Viagra and Propecia may cause many people undue embarrassment in talking about or purchasing. By being able to purchase online and have the drugs shipped right to your home, much of that embarrassment can be alleviated. We encourage you to check back often as our selection of prescription drugs is always expanding. You are also encouraged to use our contact form to suggest drugs you would like to see us carry in future.

Q. What forms of payment is accepted?
A. Generally, American Express, Discover/Nova, MasterCard and Visa. You can also use a money order.

Q. How much is charged for a doctors consultation to write a prescription?
A. There is no doctors consultation charge!! If for any reason they cannot write or fill your request for a prescription no charges will be made to you. You will be asked to complete a online form outlining your medical history and any current conditions or medications that you maybe taking. There is a unique form for each type of prescription medication offered that centers its question on that particular medication. All the questions that are asked on the form are the same type of questions your physician would ask you were you to make an office visit.

Q. Can I order larger quantities of the medications listed?
A. Most pharmacies only ship the medications in the quantity listed on the order form. Generics are usually only sold in three month supply units only due to customs’ regulations.

Q. How will the package arrive? Will people be able to tell its contents?
A. All packages are shipped discreetly in plain FedEx or other padded packs to protect your privacy.

Q. How do I know that this is legitimate?
A. Your item(s) are shipped directly from a licensed U.S. pharmacy to you, after our licensed U.S. doctor evaluates your need for the item and writes a prescription. We have hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.