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Effexor: main information

Venlafaxine is an serotonin antibiotic. It is a brand name to Effexor. It is used to treat bacterial infections.

Mechanism of action (MOA)

Effexor binds to 30s ribosomes but other aminoglycosides binds to other subunits like 50s. They inhibit protein synthesis and that initiate monosomes and ribosome is bind to one each strand of m-RNA. Therefore it is used in bacterial infections killing the proteins and death of cell wall.

Uses of Effexor

  1. Urinary tract infections (UTI)
  2. Respiratory tract infections (RTI)
  3. Bone infections
  4. Blood infections
  5. Soft tissue infections

As they are mainly used to treat bacterial infections like pseudomonas, E-coli, staphylococcus and klebsiella.

Dosage and Administration

As it is given in either i.m or in i.v form. The dosage depends on the CLcr and body space of the patient. The susceptible infections in adults are treated by 3-5 mg/kg/dose divided into equal dose and given at an interval of at-least 8 hour.

Patient should consult doctor before taking any drugs.

Side-Effects of Effexor

  1. Dizzeness
  2. Diarrhoea
  3. Rash
  4. Seizures
  5. Muscle weakness
  6. Tingling sensation
  7. Ringing in ear
  8. Swelling of lips
  9. Loss of appetite
  10. Nausea
  11. Increased thirst
  12. Low blood count
  13. Neuro muscular problems
  14. Nerve damage
  15. Kidney problems
  16. ototoxicity
  17. nephrotoxicity
  18. allergic responses
  19. hypothyroidism
  20. hepatic dysfunction
  21. metabolic acidosis
  22. high blood uric acid levels
  23. sodium depletion
  24. hearing loss
  25. vertigo
  26. tinnitus
  27. trouble with co ordination

Precaution and Warning

Patient should give full personal and family history to the doctor. If the patient has any allergy please let the doctor know. If the patient has any kidney problems like nephrotoxicity or ear problems like tinnitus please tell your doctor before hand. The dose of the medicine should not be changed until your doctor says so. If the patient feels dizziness or vertigo please stop the medicine. The patient should consult the doctor before taking it again. This medicine should not be taken while planning to take a vaccine or immunization or has already been taking vaccines. The vaccines will not let the antibiotics to work accordingly.

Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding

It is not recommended during pregnancy as it may cross placenta and reports show that it may cause congenital deafness and muscular weakness if injected.

Also it has been shown that it may secrete in to the breast milk therefore it should not be used during nursing unless the benefits over ride the risks of the mother. Discuss the benefits and harmful effects of the drug with your doctor before proceeding. 

Drug Interaction

Some drugs like cisplastin, amphotericin b, tobramycin ,amikacin, ibuprofen ,cidofovir, ploymyxin b and cephalosporin should not be taken while taking Effexor. As these drugs may change how the Effexor work and its course of action. Consult your doctor before using any of them together.