There are a number of products that are available in markets these days which claim to bring the long lost glow of your skin and help you in getting rid of wrinkles. Some of them might help you but most of them will have side effects associated with them. This is a simple thing and most of the people ignore it. Due to increase in competition in cosmetic industry with every passing day, many people have started paying attention to quantity rather than quality. This has led to the arrival of many substandard products in markets. All of us know that skin is the most sensitive part of our body and if we will use substandard products on it, we will definitely have to face consequences. Nowadays, the best thing is to ask your doctor before starting to use any product and even better not to use them at all. Believe it or not, nature has given us a remedy for everything and if we use proper natural substances on our skin, there will be no more need of all of these chemically synthesized materials.

Sandalwood oil
This is one of the best naturally available products when it comes to tackling with skin problems. This sandalwood oil is available quite easily all around us and it has such a composition that it thickens the skin layer. This is very beneficial for us. It is also capable of smoothening the skin and eradicating all free wrinkles and lines from it. The best thing about this sandalwood oil is that it is free of any type of side effect at all. These are some of the benefits which one can never get from sandalwood oil. Another good thing about sandalwood oil is that it is a very helpful in enhancing the growth of skin cells in our body and can also help us in removing the dead cells in our skin. If these dead cells are not removed from our skin then they will damage the quality of our skin.

Grape seed extract oil
This is another great remedy for tackling with skin quality problems. One of the worst things for our skin are free radicals and the can really speed up the aging process of our skin. They can also cause the formation of wrinkles on our skin. All of these are highly unwanted things for most of the people and if we want to get rid of these problems then this grape seed extract oil can really help us. The composition of this grape seed extract oil is such that it can help the skin cells in tackling with all the free radicals and negate their effect on our skin to almost negligible.

Geranium oil
If you have a dry skin and no moisturizer is working for you then, perhaps, you should consider adding geranium oil to that moisturizer. This oil is very helpful in increasing the elasticity of your skin and will help you in containing moisture in your skin as well.